Kindergarten Best Practices

Jane Somers, Office Manager HeadshotBy Jane Somers | Office Manager

Before joining the Plum team I spent 10 years teaching kindergarten, which also involves a lot of creativity, play, and big personalities. So yeah, not that different. As I see it, those early lessons in school are the most important, and play out almost daily during the production process at Plum.

  • You can build a cool block tower on your own, but the magic happens when you pull together with your friends. We all have different strengths, and when pooled, they multiply into superpowers.
  • Work needs to be balanced with play, and sometimes what looks like “just playing” produces the best learning and most creative results.
  • Everything works better if you make lots of friends and share the toys, equipment, and time with the editors.
  • Snack time keeps us focused, and birthday cake always tastes better if your friends sing to you first.
  • Family is of the utmost importance.

And yes, we still have the kid who:

  •           ~ can’t sit still
  •           ~ needs things organized just so
  •           ~ takes things apart to see how they work
  •           ~ obsesses over the weather forecasts
  •           ~ loves comic books
  •           ~ is the class clown

…but fortunately Plum has no paste eaters, tattletales, or biters.


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