Place Matters

Think about it. There are 120 hours in the work week. 40 of those hours you spend sleeping, another 40 are spent managing family chaos and the remaining 40 you spend at work. Place matters.

Our Zen

If you’ve ever wondered how yellow, green, plum and dark blue go together, stop by the office. We’ve created a nice cozy atmosphere here. We’ve got guest WiFi, full-access to the fridge and our chairs are comfortable…when you’re hanging out for an all-day edit, you’ll appreciate that.


Not everyone can say that they have a sound stage downstairs, but we can! With 4 fully equipped edit suites upstairs and a production studio downstairs, we can easily accommodate those last minute interviews, testimonials and case studies or go the other direction and create an intricate set for your project.

The 3rd Ward Vibe

We chose to set up shop in Milwaukee’s Historic 3rd Ward. Why? Well…it’s a good fit and we like it here. This area of town houses some of the best creative agencies in the state, not to mention captivating architecture, great eats and lots of boutique shopping. Being located next door to our peers and partners in the creative industry keeps us on top of our game and makes collaboration easy, and that matters to us…and to you.