You’ve got a story to tell, a message to deliver. We’ve got what you need to do it…well. Our video production services have you covered from inspired scriptwriting and interviewing to amazing animation and expert video editing. For corporate events, we’ve got the ideas, experience and energy to motivate your audience and make the experience memorable. Commercials that get people talking or driving traffic to your website.

Business Event Planning:

Call us crazy. That’s what event planning is, but we dig it. From conception to wrap party, we can handle the planning, staging, lighting, talent, scripting, video walls, you name it. Our goal is to make sure your business event is an experiential masterpiece. READ MORE



Some of our producers come from a background in broadcast & news production, some from documentary backgrounds, so we pretty much get it. We promise to create high quality commercial spots. It’s like having those fancy Chicago production studios right in your backyard without the fancy price tag. READ MORE

Video Strategy + Distribution:

Content marketing. It’s the new buzz word and as much as we hate buzz words, we love that technology has finally caught up with us. Incorporating video content into the mix will help drive traffic and increase conversions. We can help you get your content on the web, in your emails, on your phone or tablet and anywhere else you want it. C’mon, everyone’s doing it. READ MORE


Motion graphics and 3D animation are a great way to communicate complex ideas and let’s face it, add some cool factor to your projects. We’re proud to be able to offer this in-house with our full time animators. These guys breathe creativity. READ MORE

Video Editing:

Motion graphics, music, sound effects, meticulously shot video footage, and riveting interviews. Putting all those pieces together to deliver maximum impact, maximum results, takes a special skill. That’s what you get with Plum. We have 4 fully equipped edit suites, 3 full time editors plus every Plum producer knows their way around Final Cut and can handle your project’s initial edits from their desktops. This makes our editing process efficient and cost effective. Your next video project deserves polish and pzazz. It deserves Plum! READ MORE


Everyone has a story to tell, but sit them down in front of a camera and “deer in the headlights” takes on new meaning! It takes a special talent to capture those heartfelt stories, those sincere messages. We’ve got that. With years of news experience, our stable of producers has interviewed presidents, CEOs, sports stars, child prodigies, religious leaders, average Joes and Janes and everything in between. We have a knack for putting people at ease in front of the camera. Smile now!