Live Event Production & Meetings

So your boss drops your company’s annual sales recognition meeting in your lap out of the blue. This is a BIG deal…BIG crowd…BIG expectations…BIG need to impress the audience and your boss. Where do you begin? Give Plum a call. We can generate an exciting theme that will motivate, reward and delight your colleagues. And Plum has the expertise and experience to handle every intricacy of a successful corporate event. Business theatre is our game. Collaborate with Plum and you’ll be the one soaking up the applause.


Let’s face it. Planning a corporate event, from a high-level business meeting to a major sales recognition event, takes a lot of creativity and an attention to detail that is unmatched. That’s a curious combination that you won’t find just anywhere. We can handle the event planning, theming, scripting, communication, and everything else up front to guarantee you a masterpiece when the room darkens and the stage lights go up.

Plum has produced business events in boardrooms and convention centers, on beaches and cruise ships. We’ve helped our clients wow audiences in New York, Vegas, San Diego, Key West, Puerto Rico, Greece, Monaco and Germany. Oh yeah, we’ve done more than a few here in Wisconsin, too. Whether your event is indoors or outdoors, for an afternoon or a few weeks, in English or multiple languages, we’re up to the challenge. In fact, we welcome them!


The success of your event is dependent on capturing your audience’s attention and keeping them engaged. With creative themes, memorable videos, audience participation, live entertainment, original music and a host of other tricks up our sleeve, Plum can help your audience walk away excited and motivated. We’re experts at staging, lighting, and video projection that captivate and delight. We can help your executives deliver polished presentations to drive home a message, motivate your sales team or deliver some well-deserved accolades.


Event Planning
Theme Collaboration
Venue Selection
Room Design
Attendee Communication

Speaker Support
Audience Participation

Technical Expertise
A/V Support
Lighting Design
IMAG/Video Walls
Special Effects

Live Event Producers
Rich Schmig
Bruce Gibb
Gael Garbarino Cullen