Post Production

We’re not just a production company, we’re also a post production house. We’ve got the training, tools and experience on our post production team to handle your broadcast, commercial and corporate video editing needs with creativity, craftsmanship and expedience.

Video Editing

Our editing process is rather unique at Plum. For the more traditional video projects, our producers act as assistant editors. Each producer is equipped with a MacBook Pro and Final Cut Studio, allowing them to provide the selects and rough timelines to the editors for the final cut and overall polish. This process proves to be efficient, cost effective and allows our post-production team to devote more creative energy to the look and feel of your project and to do so in record time.

For broadcast and commercial production, our editors can work with your existing footage to edit, soundtrack and color correct your final spot or episode in any capacity or to whatever degree you need.

Motion Graphics & Animation

We’ve got a full-time motion graphics artist who is well versed in 3D modeling and animation. We also have a network of creative talent that we rely on to cater to your project’s specific requirements. So whether you need a completely animated piece or just a few elements to enhance your final video, we can handle it.


Media is ingested and served from a 75 terabyte XSAN network to five fiber connected edit stations and 12 ethernet connected producer stations. We archive every project using LTO 3/5 for up to 1.6TB of storage. We don’t like to toot our own horn, but having the space to edit with the latest technology keeps our staff on top of the video editing game with processes that are streamlined and efficient.

When it comes to post production, we’ve got a well oiled machine here and we mean business.